AWS DevOps Competency

Comtec Systems

Introducing DevOps Workload of Comtec Systems

  • As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, Comtec Systems delivers DevOps solutions with high efficiency/low-risk solutions and deployments in the AWS cloud. Our cloud architects, consultants and engineers have profound AWS and market-specific DevOps skills, including infrastructure as code, configuration management, CI/CD skills, microservices and production DevOps experience.


DevOps Competency Components

  • DevOps Competency is composed of the following components.
    1. Development Competency: The ability to develop using development tools and services provided by AWS.
    2. Operational Competency: The ability to operate using operational tools and services provided by AWS.
    3. Collaboration Competency: The ability to collaborate effectively between developers and operators.
    4. Automation Competency: The ability to automate development and operations processes using automation tools and services provided by AWS.
    5. Monitoring Competency: The ability to monitor the status of services in real time and respond quickly to issues using monitoring tools and services provided by AWS.


Benefits of DevOps Competency

  • Obtaining DevOps Competency has the following benefits.
    1. You can use various AWS services.
    2. You can improve the stability of your services.
    3. You can reduce the time to market for your services.
    4. You can improve customer satisfaction.

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